God adopted me into his family when I was ten years old. I started wondering about what would happen to me if I died and knew I needed to do something to answer the question. Our pastor came by to visit one afternoon and explained God’s grace and mercy toward sinners and asked me if I would like to appropriate them for myself. That afternoon, in our living room, I asked Jesus to save me and he did. Ever since that day he has never let me go, even walking with me into the dark valleys and rough patches that I have stumbled into along the way. I praise him every day for saving and keeping me through his infinite, unconditional love.

That’s one reason I write this blog. I want other people to experience God’s love and grace and mercy for themselves and once they have, to develop an ever deeper love relationship with their Lord and Savior. If you happened upon this site and would like to know more about having a relationship with God, here is a good place to start.

I have been teaching the Bible in various capacities for almost 25 years and my passion is studying God’s word and sharing with others what the Lord has shown me. The more I study the Holy Scriptures, the more convinced I am that God’s way is the best way and if we will learn his way and follow it, life will be a lot better for us.

That’s another reason I write this blog. I want to help people find true fulfillment in their lives by guiding them to discover and apply God’s way for themselves.

My prayer is that the Lord will bless you and help you grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as you study his word.

Eric Taylor

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