Isaiah 48:22 (ESV)
22 “There is no peace,” says the LORD, “for the wicked.”

There are two main words in this verse that we need to examine to understand what the Lord is saying.
The first word is peace, “salom” in the Hebrew. It means peace, prosperity, completeness, safeness, salvation, health, satisfaction, contentment.
The second word is wicked, “rasa” in the Hebrew. It means wicked, unrighteous, i.e., pertaining to being evil, with a focus on the guilt of violating a standard.
Now that we have exposed the two main words in the verse, the Lord’s message is clear. Simply put, the person who does not meet God’s standard of righteousness is wicked in God’s eyes and since the only way to meet God’s standard of righteousness is to have a personal relationship with him, the person who does not know God has no peace. He may think he has peace and may even be able to achieve some contentment in his life, but when he is alone with his thoughts he recognizes that something is missing. He asks himself, “Shouldn’t there be more to life than what I am experiencing?” I believe that is one of the main reasons why we see so much vanity and striving after the wind in our culture today. People are trying their best to fill the void in their soul with any number of things, but none of them will ever suffice.
The Lord himself is peace and the giver of peace. Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. (ESV)” Once again, true peace comes from knowing God. Anything else you may call peace is just a poor counterfeit.
So what exactly does that mean to us?
First, if you have been striving for but not finding peace, you can have it today.
If you already know God, thank him for the peace he gives you and ask him to bless you with it today.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for your peace. Please grant it to me in every area of my life as I walk with you today.

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